GLAMNESS Partner Program

Exclusive for GLAMNESS VIP Clients


GLAMNESS offers a comprehensive glamour experience for every woman through the help of our selected Business Partners. Each GLAMNESS Business Partner is carefully selected to cover all aspects of health and beauty.

How to become GLAMNESS VIP Client? – it’s simple just do one of the following:

1. Purchase 5 months of online GLAMNESS Dance + Fitness program on

2. Purchase one of the following GLAMNESS Nutrition programs:

  • 3 Session Package
  • 6 Session Package

3. Purchase a GLAMNESS Permanent VIP Card for10 GLAMNESS classes in Bratislava (Check out the GLAMNESS Class Schedule )


If you would like to become a GLAMNESS Business Partner please contact us at

Our Partners & VIP Client Discounts

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Dress your desire to impress

10% discount on any purchase in MUST HAVE Boutique on Holleho 5, Bratislava, Slovakia.

10% discount on any online purchase at

The best fuel for your body

1% discount on all products at any Biopark store in Bratislava, Slovakia – Please refer to Biopark Store Locator


Enhance your natural beauty

7% discount on any online purchase at

Note: discount is applicable to ONLINE shopping ONLY and applies to purchases above 30 euro.