GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss – Eat Bio/Organic products for two weeks and see what happens…

GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss – Eat Bio/Organic products for two weeks and see what happens…

Can you loose weight faster if you consume only Bio/Organic products?

GLAMNESS in cooperation with three beautiful ladies – Monika, Lenka and Tina will conduct the following study – Can you loose weight faster eating Bio products only?

How it’s done? Nutritionist Alesya Volpi will prepare a unique meal plan – vegan, vegetarian and balanced meat diet – individually for each participant. The target weight loss is 0,5kg for week. If a participant losses more than 0,5kg per week it will prove that Bio products help our body lose extra weight much faster.

I strongly recommend using all Bio, Organic or Local ingredients.

  • Definition of Bio or Organic foods differs from country to country, but most descriptions conclude that the organic food is food grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. Plus, organic farms should not use sewage sludge for fertilizing crops, organic food should not be made from genetically modified crops and, newly, it is added in some definition (in the UK) that it should not be produced using nanotechnology.
  • Production of organic food is legally controlled in numerous countries of the world, organic makers have to obtain a license and follow a long list of rules in order to be able to use label ‘organic’ on their produce.
  • Organic food is grown not only because it is healthier and contains less toxins, but also because its production supports the soil and contributes to the sustainable use of resources.
  • Organic food is alleged to comprise 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than the food farmed traditional way. It is 100% free of pesticide residue.
  • On the other hand, regular food taken in does not deliver live atoms to the body cells. The cells are hungry from nutrition and clogged with toxins called cellular constipation that causes mal-absorption and diseases. Additionally it brings down immune system that invites host of illness.
  • Organic food is the latest trend in an constant war against obesity in the developed world. The secret is in the focus on health, on boosting our own body’s internal forces to shed unwanted pounds.

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