GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss. First week results – We have lost 4 kg, Waist minus 12 cm and Hips minus 7 cm!!!

GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss. First week results – We have lost 4 kg, Waist minus 12 cm and Hips minus 7 cm!!!

Can you loose weight faster if you consume only Bio/Organic products?

GLAMNESS in cooperation with three beautiful ladies – Monika, Lenka and Tina will conduct the following study – Can you loose weight faster eating Bio products only?

How it’s done? Nutritionist Alesya Volpi will prepare a unique meal plan – vegan, vegetarian and balanced meat diet – individually for each participant. The target weight loss is 0,5kg for week. If a participant losses more than 0,5kg per week it will prove that Bio products help our body lose extra weight much faster.

Lenka – Bio Vegan Diet

– weight loss 1,5kg (before: 80kg; after: 78,5kg)
– waist – minus 5cm (before: 90cm; after: 85cm)
– hips – minus 3cm (before: 113cm; after: 110cm)
How am I feeling? I am feeling just fine. Sometimes my tummy feels a bit funny, especially in the morning after the breakfast. But in general I feel great. My favorite meal is breakfast – my morning smoothie. The combination of vegetables and fruits was a revelation for me J Additionally I love having my healthy sneak of dried apricots instead of feasting on sweets. And I definitely give thumbs up to quinoa over buckwheat.



Monika – Bio Vegetarian Diet

– weight loss 1,5kg (before: 65kg; after: 63,5kg)
– waist – minus 4cm (before: 78cm; after:  74cm)
– hips – minus 4cm (before: 108cm; after: 104cm)
Honestly, the first time I saw my meal plan I thought to myself: “My God, I’m going to starve for two weeks. Seeds, beans and other strange foods which I’ve never heard of before: what’s going to happen to me?”

And then came the surprise after my first day of diet. How can it be that I’m not feeling hungry? Where’s my sweet tooth gone? My colleagues from the office just had a cheesecake and tiramisu, but I just accepted the challenge and didn’t touch any of the deserts J After only couple of days I can see the difference: my craving for sweets has disappeared and my tummy is no longer screaming for food.

After seeing my results I feel extremely motivated! I can not wait to start the second week of my transformation.

I feel so light and my stomach is not asking me for additional fuel every half an hour. In addition I fall in love with cooking and most of my free time I am spending in the kitchen cooking jummy healthy meals. And I love it.

My physical activity during the last week: 2 hours of GLAMNESS, 1 hour of squash and 1 hour of home exercises.



Tina – Bio Balanced Meat Diet

– weight loss 1kg (before: 58kg; after: 57kg)
– waist – minus 3cm (before: 74cm; after: 71cm)
– hips – minus 0cm (before: 94cm; after: 94cm)
On the second day of my balanced meat diet I am extremely happy. Although it is sometimes difficult to be disciplined, I accepted challenge. If I had to choose a food from my meal plan that I liked the least that would have definitely been dill J

But eggs with spinach, tomatoes and some dill were a big surprise for me. From now on I’ll make dill a regular part of my meals.

The next item on the list would be buckwheat (raw) that I had to prepare for dinner. I had prepared buckwheat only once before and I must say I did not really like it, as it has a very specific taste. Today I tried buckwheat dish from my planned menu – buckwheat with portabello mushrooms and veggie and it tasted soooo good. I will definitely cook the dish once again for my dinner. I believe that the joy of food lies in its preparation.

Regarding my physical activity during the last week – I went for a run and lot’s of walking.

In addition I have figured out that I love working with food therefore I would love to continue my food experiment after the project. Overall I feel fantastic and much better about myself!