GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss. Second week results – We have lost 4 kg, Waist minus 16 cm and Hips minus 9 cm!!!

GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss. Second week results – We have lost 4 kg, Waist minus 16 cm and Hips minus 9 cm!!!

Can you loose weight faster if you consume only Bio/Organic products?

GLAMNESS in cooperation with three beautiful ladies – Monika, Lenka and Tina will conduct the following study – Can you loose weight faster eating Bio products only?

How it’s done? Nutritionist Alesya Volpi will prepare a unique meal plan – vegan, vegetarian and balanced meat diet – individually for each participant. The target weight loss is 0,5kg for week. If a participant losses more than 0,5kg per week it will prove that Bio products help our body lose extra weight much faster.

Lenka – Bio Vegan Diet

– weight loss 1,5kg (before: 80kg; after: 78,5kg)
– waist – minus 5cm (before: 90cm; after: 83cm)
– hips – minus 3cm (before: 113cm; after: 110cm)

I must admit I was missing a big piece of meat…during all my diet I was thinking about a big steak J)))) and plus lot’s of sweets…I just love sweets so much J, but my diet has been a very interesting experience. Combining food previously unknown to me turned out to be extremely colorful and full of taste even despite my vegan meal plan. The most difficult part was cooking of my meals every single day and preparing my menu for the entire day.

I would definitely go back to this diet, maybe to detox and reload my body with vitamins and minerals.

Despite the lack bio shops and bio products in our region, I discovered products such as quinoa, which is healthy but also extremely tasty. Before my diet I would have never thought of buying buckwheat or spelt pasta. Now this type of pasta is my only choice. Smoothies are another amazing discovery. I would normally mix my smoothie with milk and sometimes even with cream, but using coconut water instead – it’s just a whole new world to me.



Monika – Bio Vegetarian Diet

– weight loss 1,5kg (before: 65kg; after: 63,5kg)
– waist – minus 4cm (before: 78cm; after:  72cm)
– hips – minus 4cm (before: 108cm; after: 104cm)

I had a great diet experience. I discovered completely new flavors and realized that you just need to eat less, more often, healthy and try new recipes with different exotic ingredients. After my lifestyle change I have even changed my food shopping habits. Nowadays the first thing I would do after I enter any grocery store is to check the bio section for new inspirations.

My stomach and the rest of my body advise you to go through the same experience.



Tina – Bio Balanced Meat Diet

– weight loss 1kg (before: 58kg; after: 57kg)
– waist – minus 3cm (before: 74cm; after: 71cm)
– hips – minus 2cm (before: 94cm; after: 92cm)

Bio products are becoming more popular every day and with the help of GLAMNESS I’ve learned a lot more about the benefits of bio food. I am a great fan of GLAMNESS Dance Fitness as I’ve been a dancer and gymnast since my childhood and the GLAMNESS program simply has it all.

My body can feel the results after each training session.

In addition I’ve had the chance to take part In the GLAMNESS Bio Weight Loss project (balanced meat diet). Although my body does not require a strict diet, my intent was to educate myself on how to eat right and simply improve my lifestyle by becoming healthier.

I need to admit that it was not easy and it was a great challenge for me. In this lifestyle challenge you need to be very organized, self-motivated and most importantly never give up. A lot of times I had to cook my meals during the night or early morning (due to my hectic job schedule and active lifestyle), but it was definitely worth it! One of biggest challenges is the research that can take up to a couple of days, because it is not always easy to find all the required bio products. However if dedicate yourself to it you may find even some great discounts. I discovered a lot of new ingredients that made my food intake so much fun! Smoothies are my favorites and now I am experiencing with different flavor combinations. I can’t recall what food I craved during those two weeks, maybe cheese, but it is very easy to avoid in your diet. The only thing that I can think now of is soup, which I love (now I am trying to cook different vegetable soup combinations).

Physical activity and healthy eating are very important for a fit body. The way we look reflects on our lifestyle, how we feel about ourselves, our values and so on. And I am not only talking about physical attractiveness, as it is only the tip of an iceberg. I am talking about the harmony between body and soul.

I would like to Thank Alesya for giving me this opportunity to discover something new in my life!