GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss. Please meet Lenka, Monika and Tina.

GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss. Please meet Lenka, Monika and Tina.

Can you loose weight faster if you consume only Bio/Organic products?

GLAMNESS in cooperation with three beautiful ladies – Monika, Lenka and Tina will conduct the following study – Can you loose weight faster eating Bio products only?

How it’s done? Nutritionist Alesya Volpi will prepare a unique meal plan – vegan, vegetarian and balanced meat diet – individually for each participant. The target weight loss is 0,5kg for week. If a participant losses more than 0,5kg per week it will prove that Bio products help our body lose extra weight much faster.


  1. Age – 29
  2. Height – 167 cm
  3. Weight – 80 kg
  4. Waist – 90 cm
  5. Hip – 113 cm
  6. Motivation:

I am a big gourmand, but my love for food has taken a toll on my body. I need to learn how to eat right without losing my joy for food. I want to be beautiful and skinny, therefore I have asked Alesya for help.




  1. Age – 34
  2. Height – 170 cm
  3. Weight – 65 kg
  4. Waist – 78 cm
  5. Hip – 108 cm
  6. Motivation:

Around 10 months ago I dislocated my ankle while playing badminton with my boyfriend (I just couldn’t let him win our first set J). My ankle gave me a great deal of pain every time I tried to move and it was only in late December when I was brave enough to get back to some light exercising. In the meantime I had put on 6kg of extra weight.

As I’ve always been extremely satisfied with Alesya’s classes, in February I renewed my GLAMNESS subscription. Gradually I felt my body getting back into shape and decided to increase my physical activity to two GLAMNESS classes and one hour of squash per week.

Now we’re in May and I am exercising constantly. When I look at myself in the mirror I can tell the difference: I feel much better, my body is more shaped and I look prettier in my clothes. However something is not right … my weight is still the same!!! Yes, I can see that I have beautiful firm shape, but all that beauty is still covered by a layer of fat. So the goal of my diet is to lose the weight that I have accumulated by eating my favorite sweets.




  1. Age – 26
  2. Height – 174 cm
  3. Weight – 58 kg
  4. Waist – 74 cm
  5. Hip – 94 cm
  6. Motivation:

I don’t have any problem keeping in shape. It is very important to me to keep balance between body and soul (Kalos kagathos). I like to develop from all angles, so I would like to further work on my body. And I think that food is an extremely important component of keeping in shape.