GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss – Vegan, Vegetarian or Balanced meat diet. Which one is yours?

GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss – Vegan, Vegetarian or Balanced meat diet. Which one is yours?

Can you loose weight faster if you consume only Bio/Organic products?

GLAMNESS in cooperation with three beautiful ladies – Monika, Lenka and Tina will conduct the following study – Can you loose weight faster eating Bio products only?

How it’s done? Nutritionist Alesya Volpi will prepare a unique meal plan – vegan, vegetarian and balanced meat diet – individually for each participant. The target weight loss is 0,5kg for week. If a participant losses more than 0,5kg per week it will prove that Bio products help our body lose extra weight much faster.



GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss – Vegetarian diet.

I have chosen a vegetarian diet because meat is not an essential part of my diet. I would normally eat meat once or twice a week. I would even consider a vegan diet, but psychologically I would struggle too much without my cheese and dairy products…

My regular meal plan:

Breakfast – fruit yogurt with biscuits dipped in fruit juice or alternatively oatmeal with fruits. If I’m short on time, I’ll normally eat a small chocolate croissant on my way to work.

Lunch – standard office menu: soup and main course

Before my evening exercises I munch just a couple of biscuits (otherwise I would starve), because I can’t just stuff myself before GLAMNESS J

Dinner – at home: pasta or rice with vegetables (everything should be very spicy) + some red wine.




GLAMNESS Bio Weight loss – Vegan diet.

Why have I decided to choose a vegan diet? To be honest with you I have no clue, but when I saw my menu for the next two weeks I quickly understood that it’s going to be a very big challenge for me, maybe an impossible challenge!

My regular meal plan:

What did I eat before my vegan challenge? Everything! I am a big fan of pasta and Italian cuisine in general, in addition I love of McDonalds and all sorts of burgers J)))) And let’s not forget cookies and white flour delights: pancakes are my favorites!




GLAMNESS Bio Weight Loss – Balanced Meat Diet.

Before starting this project I would eat when I’d have time for a meal. I am a very active person and normally I have very little time to eat. Nevertheless I’ve always tried to eat healthy (I always check a product’s content and country of origin on the label, avoid any sugar, etc.).

I like to cook and when I have some free time I like to experiment with different flavors. In general I am not a big fan of meat, I don’t like how it tastes and I try to avoid it. The only exception is when my body tells me: “I would like to have some meat now” J

This project has offered me the chance to balance my diet with bio products. But balancing my daily meal plan is very challenging.

My regular meal plan:

Before my diet, my regular breakfast would consist of rice porridge, oatmeal and a cocoa drink (I wouldn’t survive without it). Alternatively I’d have a yogurt with probiotics or sometimes simply fruits (I’m never very hungry in the morning). Today I tried a new smoothie, that includes different components and I think it is a great beginning of the day. My goal is to learn how to balance my diet. Self-discipline and self-control are the biggest challenge and therefore I need some motivation.